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    2020-08-29 責任編輯:皇族DJ學院 人氣:2690

      1.Welcome all friends to ET club, follow my dj. Pick up the beer and drink in the hand.Shake as you like. Hi as you want. You like to stand up. Shake it up. Hey, get up. OK. With the main MC happy heart for you to create a great cattle Z.
      2.OK, I hope all the babies in the audience stretch out your hands and swing to the sky. Enjoy the shock of my music. Then let's play the second DSK shooting to enjoy the next crazy feeling.
      3.If the heat takes off your clothes and shakes them together, OK, the carnival of midnight, the rhythm of midnight, speed up your steps and speed up your shaking head. Let's find your happiest feeling here. Now let's raise our hands and wave left and right to keep up with the music festival,
      4.Don't suppress yourself any more. Let's have a little crazy feeling. Let's have a boil together,


    Put your hands up
    Put on your sunglasses,
    Put on your beer,
    We're going to close your eyes and enjoy our best dance rhythm, shake your body rock yourbody.Let We go. welcome to the party.

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